Sponsored by:
UFR-LCAO (Langues et Civilisations d’Asie Orientale), Paris Diderot University, Paris, France
CNRS – UMR 8563, (CRLAO, Centre de Recherches Linguistiques surl’Asie Orientale), Paris, France
IIAS (International Institute for Asian Studies), The Netherlands

Course Programme:
Françoise Bottéro (CRLAO, Paris) & Thekla Wiebusch (Paris,CRLAO): “Chinese: writing and classification systems”
Pierre Magistry (Paris Diderot University, Paris): Corpus linguistics
Marie-Claude Paris (Paris Diderot University, Paris) “Chinese syntax in synchrony”
Alain Peyraube (CRLAO, Paris): “Chinese syntax in diachrony”

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